The Best Classes

What We Offer


A martial arts style workout built to burn calories, tone your body & inspire you mind all while having fun with classmates that are energetic and supportive. 

Boot Camp

A full body workout challenging you to the core with the latest drills and skills to increase muscle, stamina and strength.

Private Lessons

Get 1 on 1 time to work on what you need most. Strength training, striking, sparring and more, you choose the area.
30 mins or 1 hour slots available.

Birthday Parties

Just bring a camera, we’ll take care of the rest, including invitations, pizza and cake.

Kids Karate

Karate, Kicknastics, Weapons, Junior Boot Camp, Sparring and more!

Our kid’s karate program is the heart and soul of xFitMA. Watching kids as young as 4 years old come in and succeed is what drives us to keep going! Martial arts for kids does wonders for kids self-esteem and teaches them a variety of skills including proper techniques and self defense. The skills they learn from martial arts will be carried with them throughout their entire life! Following directions, focus, discipline and listening are only a few of the great things your children will learn in our program. On top of all those wonderful things, they will also learn that physical fitness is fun and rewarding and getting your children adapted to a healthy lifestyle at a young age is imperative!

Your children will learn all about goal setting and achieving goals through our belt system. The belt system is a way to gauge how your child is improving through our program. It’s not only about skill and personal growth, mental growth is a huge part of the progression as well!

Your place for Kids Karate, Self Defense, Adult Kickboxing & Bootcamp in Newtown, CT.