Am I what I eat???

You’ve heard the saying, “You are what you eat”. Well, it’s sort of true. If you spend your life eating donuts you’re probably going to look and feel like a donut! What we should consider is tracking the things we eat and see how they make us look and feel. Everybody is different, so everybody has a different meal plan to consider. There are some basic rules to follow, like water is better than soda, candy is a no-no, sugary foods aren’t great for teeth and waistlines and then there’s beer (touchy subject). If we can implement the rule of “desserts in moderation” that would most likely yield us some good results. To change what we are eating we have to learn about what we are eating. There is no quick fix, pop a pill, magic medicine in my water and all of a sudden I lose 50 lbs. Allow yourself weeks and months to learn and adjust what you are eating that way it’s a life style no a fad diet, and if you are eating healthy foods and drinks, guess what….. you are healthy! Now couple that with a great workout program like our kickboxing or boot camp classes and you’re on the right track to total mind and body healthiness! Happy training!

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