Kickboxing and Boot Camp

Get in the best shape of your life!

Kickboxing– With classes full of wonderful peers who will cheer you on and support your goals, you’ll never have a problem making it through one of these fun workouts and every single class will leave you wanting to come back for more!

Boot Camp– Our classes combine kettle bells, isometrics, plyometrics, strength training, conditioning and more in to one amazing class that will leave you wanting more! With our bootcamp classes you will receive a full body workout that will raise your strength and cardio up to a level you’ve never achieved before! Every class is unique and with so many variations of exercises available the classes are over before you know it! Looking to up your strength and cardio game? Look no further!

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What We Offer

Kids Karate

Following directions, discipline, focus, respect and listening are just a few things your child will learn.


Learn how to properly throw kicks punches, elbows and knees and defensive moves while having fun!

Boot Camp

A full body workout that will raise your strength and cardio to a level you’ve never achieved before.

Private Lessons

One on one training on what you choose to work on. 1/2 hour and 1 hour sessions available.

Summer Camp

Drop off your child for a fun filled day or week of games, crafts and Fun Fun Fun!!

Birthday Parties

Our Ninja parties ROCK! 90 mins of fun & games. The best part, we do all the work! Just bring a camera.

Your place for Kids Karate, Self Defense, Adult Kickboxing & Bootcamp in Newtown, CT.