Our Programs

What We Offer


A martial arts style workout with practical striking skills built to burn calories, tone your body and inspire you mind all while having fun with classmates that are energetic and supportive. 

Boot Camp

A full body workout challenging you to the core with the latest drills and skills to increase muscle, stamina and strength allowing you to get the body you desire!

MMA Karate

Students will learn about the importance of honesty, respect, perseverance and focus all while having fun, building strength, confidence and self-defense skills.

Birthday Parties

Just bring a camera, we’ll take care of the rest, including invitations, pizza and cake. Kids come for fun, parents come for the stress free party planning!

Our back story

How it all started

Master Russ started his martial arts journey over in 1992 and with natural talent and a strong passion for learning and improving, he was rewarded his first degree black belt within 3 years. He quickly moved on to competing in many Tae Kwon Do tournaments and was even the state champion 2 years in a row! 

When he stopped competing he moved on to coaching which led him down his new life path. After many years of teaching and feeling the rewards of his students achieving so much in and out of the dojo, Master Russ decided it was time to open his own school where he could really help kids and adults reach their true potentials through martial arts.

Master Russ is so passionate about his students and it shows in every single class. His knowledge of the martial arts and fitness is second to none. You’ll never meet anyone who is more patient and caring about kids and can get even the toughest listeners to focus and work hard through an entire class!